Corporate Social Investment – supporting causes we believe in

Eisenberg & Associates has not been operating for the past two decades in a vacuum.  This law firm’s existence owes itself to its establishment in Cape Town, perhaps the most cosmopolitan city on the African continent.  This city celebrates art and sport through a multitude of lenses and perspectives.  Eisenberg & Associates relishes its role in the development of Cape Town and South Africa as an international window supporting the arts and sport.   Corporate Social Investment is not merely theory to us, but a practical reality.

Our ethos involves the support and celebration of cultural and ethnic diversity. The projects we support reflect our ethos.

Tapiwa Thembo (Flyweight Professional Boxer & Coach)

Eisenberg & Associates advises Tapiwa on his contracts, strategy and sponsors him professionally.  Tapiwa is an embodiment of the African spirit and aspires to excellence in his coaching and in his ascendance through the international rankings.  His courage, commitment, endurance, focus and relentless hard work in the face of adversity are attributions which reflect the ethos of this law firm.

We are proud to sponsor Tapiwa and participate in his life’s journey.

Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCCA)

We are proud sponsors and professional supporters of the Zeitz MOCCA.  The Zeitz MOCCA has anchored Cape Town to be the world’s showcase for African contemporary art.  We have chosen to partner with the Museum as its immigration counsel for its growing international staff contingent.

Since the inception of this law firm its founder Gary Eisenberg has collected and promoted South African contemporary photography with passion and curatorial precision.   Zeitz MOCCA is the fulfillment of all South African art collectors and we support its dedication to research, the exhibition and sponsorship of young African artists, and its commitment to the African renaissance.