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Tailor-made immigration and citizenship solutions.

About Eisenberg & Associates


Eisenberg & Associates was established by Gary S Eisenberg on 3 March 1997.  The law firm was born from a perception that no law firm existed at that stage which rendered immigration and citizenship advice and assistance within the disciplines of administrative and constitutional law.

From its inception Eisenberg & Associates has become the forerunner in setting the standard for compliance in terms of the immigration and citizenship statutes, and in the resolution of complex immigration problems.  We provide a full suite of services from the preparation of applications, expatriate strategic planning to the implementation of co-ordinated class actions.  Our focus remains the careful tailor making of immigration and citizenship solutions on both a personalised and corporate level.

For the past two decades we have established a reputation for excellence in terms of delivery,integrity and diligence in the execution of our work.

Eisenberg & Associates has been singularly guided and managed by Gary (except when it was operated as a partnership between February 2013-February 2016).  Gary has now brought Eisenberg & Associates back into a highly focused, service oriented, private clients law firm exclusively rendering South African immigration and citizenship legal services, and offering Lithuanian Citizenship services to the Litvak Jewish community in South Africa and beyond.

A little bit about Gary S Eisenberg

Gary brings with him an international perspective on South African immigration and citizenship law. Educated in the United States, Gary is a Federal Lawyer admitted in Washington D.C.. Gary’s profession began with international trade regulation and multinational legal compliance. He is well published in his field, especially within the transformative context of South Africa’s liberation in 1994. read more