Citizenship Services

Citizenship by naturalisation, loss of citizenship, citizenship resumption, and expert professional advice.

Citizenship Services

Since our inception we have focussed on a holistic approach to South African citizenship law, from its development in 1949, and through its major transformations in 1995 and 2013.

We have built considerable expertise over the past 20 years in all aspects of citizenship to bring unique insights and solutions to both foreigners and South African permanent residents, citizens and former citizens.

Advising on all aspects of the South African Citizenship Act of 1995 and on allied statutes, including the repealed South African Citizenship Act of 1949, and the Attainment of Independence by Namibia Regulation Act of1990, their amendments, their regulations, and case law
Advising on and preparing the following citizenship applications:

  • Naturalization
  • Descent
  • Citizenship retention and exemption applications
  • Citizenship resumption applications
  • Determination of citizenship applications

Advising on and preparing administrative reviews and appeals and in relation to litigation on issues of citizenship status, and in cases of fraud and misrepresentation cases

south africa citizenship services

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