Litigation & Appeals

Extensive experience in litigation and all types of administrative appeals.

Litigation and Appeals

Since 1997, we have been extensively litigating in all the courts of South Africa, including the High Courts in Cape Town and Gauteng, the Court of Appeals and the Constitutional Court.

Some of our cases have been ground breaking, while others have simply challenged government failures in the exercise of its administrative obligations towards specific clients or classes of clients.

We have built focused expertise on the administrative appeals process to Ministerial level, within the context of administrative and constitutional law.

Eisenberg & Associates has developed expertise in litigation, at all levels of the judiciary, within the immigration fields.

While our litigation work has focused on administrative review and interdictory proceedings in the High Courts, we have litigated in the South African Court of Appeals and in the Constitutional Court.

We also litigate in the Magistrates’ Courts in relation to immigration and extradition matters.

We render litigation services in the following areas:

  • Administrative review and interdictory High Court proceedings and Appeals (Court of Appeals and Constitutional Court)
  • Litigation strategy and support
  • Magistrates’ Court proceedings in relation to immigration enforcement matters, including arrests, inspectorate investigations, bail, and deportations.

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