Immigration Services

We provide professional South African immigration services, visa applications, and expert advice.

Immigration Services

  • Advising on all aspects of South Africa’s Immigration Act of 2002, the Refugees Act of 1998, repealed immigration legislation, regulations, policies and case law.
  • Assisting on the formulation of immigration strategies for individuals and corporation.
  • Advising on, preparing and filing of the following types of visa applications.
  • Immigration attorney expert advice and guidance
  • Administrative review and appeal applications at both Director General and Ministerial levels
  • Ministerial regulatory waiver and exemption applications
  • Proof of permanent residence applications
  • Advising on and representation, and litigation, in cases of deportation,inspectorate investigations and arrests

Immigration Experts

  • We assist foreigners and employers in all aspects of South African immigration legislation and policy compliance.
  • We assist in the design of immigration strategies and their implementation, from inception to final administrative outcomes, by way of ordinary process or appeal.
  • Our expertise focuses on the preparation of compliant applications in all immigration categories, both temporary and permanent.

South Africa Visas and Permits

Work Visa

The Immigration Act contains a work visa scheme, consisting of 3 individual work visa categories.

Business Visa

The Immigration Act enables a foreigner to apply for a business visa for a maximum duration of three years (extendable) on the basis of a foreign direct investment into a prospective business enterprise, or in an existing one, on the basis of a R5 million investment.

Study Visa

Study visas are issued to minor foreign children attending primary and high school as well as adults studying at tertiary educational institutions in South Africa.

Spousal Visas

The Immigration Act provides for two specific types of temporary residence visas which a foreign “spouse” of a South African person may apply for. The term “spouse” includes civil marriages as well as life-partnerships.

Visitor Visa

The Immigration Act provides for 12 different types of visitor visas exceeding three months up to a maximum of three years.

Relative Visa

This relative visa may be issued to a foreigner who is a member of the immediate family of a South African citizen or permanent resident.

Retired Person Visa

The Immigration Act enables a foreign person to apply for a retired person visa for up to four years on condition that the foreigner demonstrates that he or she is entitled to a pensions or irrevocable annuities for the rest of his or her life from the country of his or her origin.

Permanent Residence Permit

The Immigration Act provides for 11 specific permanent residence categories.

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