Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa

The Immigration Act contains a work visa scheme, consisting of 3 individual work visa categories.

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The intra-company work transfer visa cannot be obtained by any foreigner in South Africa, no matter what is the immigration status of such applicant.  It is based on the demonstration that:

  • The applicant is employed, outside of South Africa, by a foreign corporate entity for at least the past six months;
  • The foreign corporate employer requires to transfer the applicant to its South African branch, subsidiary or “affiliate” corporate entity registered and operating;
  • A plan is developed for the transfer of skills to a South African citizen or permanent resident who will replace the foreign applicant upon his or her departure from the Republic at or before the expiry of such visa.

An intra-company transfer work visa is issued for a maximum period not exceeding four years and is not renewable.  The South African branch, subsidiary or “affiliate” of the foreign employer will support the application with an undertaking to reimburse the Department of Home Affairs any costs incurred in relation to the deportation of the holder of the intra-company transfer work visa and any of his or her dependent family members.

intra company transfer work visa south africa

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