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The Immigration Act provides for two specific types of temporary residence visas which a foreign “spouse” of a South African person may apply for.

The term “spouse” includes civil marriages as well as life-partnerships (which must be at least two years old at the time the application is made). These two visas are:

Relative visa

  • This visa is issued for a fixed two year period, extendable. It requires a South African spouse to demonstrate the availability of at least R8,500.00 available; to support the foreigner over the two year period.
  • This visa does not enable the foreigner to take up any form of work in South Africa.

Visitor Visa

  • This visa is issued for up to three years at a time, extendable.
  • The Applicant can apply for any type of business, work or study authorization on this visa without having to comply with the normal application requirements stipulated in the Immigration Act for those temporary residence visas.
  • The South Africa spouse (applicable to a life partnership and not limited to marriage) does not need to demonstrate the ability to financially support the foreigner.

Changing status now possible from within South Africa. Read more here.



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