South African Citizenship By Birth

Citizenship by naturalisation, loss of citizenship, citizenship resumption, and expert professional advice.

Any person who is born in South Africa or in a foreign country and one of his or her parents at the time of his or her birth is a South African citizen, shall be a South African citizen by birth.

If the birth occurred outside of South Africa then such birth must be registered at an office of the South African diplomatic or consular mission or at any office of the Department of Home Affairs within 30 days of the birth of such child, otherwise it is not possible for the registration to take place and to achieve South African citizenship by birth.  This 30-day registration period does not apply to children born in South Africa.  The “30-day” registration of birth rule does not apply to any child born outside of South Africa prior to 1 January 2013, as the legislation introduced on such date has no retrospective effect.

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